"EVE" Woodcut Print, Woodblock Print by Valerie Lueth, Tugboat Printshop

16.5" x 12.5" Color Woodcut on Ivory Somerset Paper
Valerie Lueth, 2017.



"EVE" Woodcut by Valerie Lueth, Tugboat Printshop Proof Detail

Now that proofing is wrapping up, I'm about to start publishing!

Print price goes up post-production; place a pre-order soon for the deal!


"EVE" is a
color woodcut print by Valerie, currently in production at Tugboat Printshop.

Pre-ordering "EVE" reserves an authentic, limited edition color woodcut print

from the upcoming edition of "EVE" woodcuts soon to be completed.

We have firm pre-order rules that by placing a pre-order you acknowledge.

Pre-orders place faith in the artists color choices, paper choices, and scale.

Pre-orders are not customizable.

Our prints are handmade and take time to make. If timeline is a concern, please wait to order.

We are unable to rush shipment of pre-orders or guarantee when the print will be completed.

"EVE" pre-orders will be shipped only when production is complete and prints are dry.

All pre-order sales are final. No returns. No exchanges.

If you are unsure about any of the above, E-MAIL VALERIE!

"EVE" Woodcut Print by Valerie Lueth | Tugboat Printshop

A pure being in paradise reaches through a swirl of cosmic stardust

to grab the forbidden fruit (fruit will be carved from the color blocks).

"EVE" Color Blocks!

4 woodblocks will print to make the full color "EVE" woodcut.

(The color of the pen drawing will differ from the final ink tone printed.

"EVE" Woodcut by Valerie Lueth, Yellow Block

The block above will print yellow/green in leaves & florals on the hand of "EVE".

Carving "EVE" red block

(ABOVE) Valerie carving the red block for "EVE".

This block will be rolled up with a subtle, pastel blend roll of pinks.

The blue & red blocks will layer to create a soft, rainbow-y cosmic backdrop!

"EVE" Woodcut by Valerie Lueth, Blue Block

Most of the red transfer in the hand was carved from the blue block.

It will be rolled with a gradation of blues, from dark to light.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Please feel free to E-MAIL VALERIE with any questions you may have.

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